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2.9/3.9/5.2m Bali Flag Single/Double Sided

●  Model Number: Bali Flag

●  Overal Size: 3m, 4m, 6m

●  Printing Size: 2.07m x 0.66m, 3.06m x 0.85m, 4.20m x 1.20m

●  Printing: Single Sided Printing back side with mirror reverse

●  Printing: Double Sided Printing back side with readable info

●  Flexible fiberglass pole 

●  Nylon carry bag

●  Flag Bases: Multiple base options

2.9m Small Bali Flag Double Side.pdf

2.9m Small Bali Flag Single Side.pdf

3.9m Medium Bali Flag Double  Side.pdf

3.9m Medium Bali Flag Single Side.pdf

5.2m Large Bali Flag Double Side.pdf

5.2m Large Bali Flag Single Side.pdf